Multi-Country SIM Cards

Enjoy a single SIM card for use throughout the world.



Do you often travel to Europe? Benefit from a multi-country SIM card valid throughout Europe (including Switzerland and Turkey).

Voice & smartphone solutions:

Cellhire offers unlimited calls, SMS and 5 GB data for a flat rate per month.

Data solutions:

Cellhire offers a wide range of data packages from 5GB to 100GB per month.


  • Save on calls and internet usage in Europe.
  • Fast internet connection - 4G / 3G speeds.
  • Personal and secure connection.
  • SIM card usage reported daily.
  • Pooling options available on 10+ SIMs.
  • Flexible commitment period: 1 to 24 months.
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Do you travel around the world? Benefit from a unique SIM card valid in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Voice and smartphone solutions:

Cellhire offers a single tariff for all incoming, outgoing and international calls plus, benefit from a 1.5GB internet package.

Data solutions:

Cellhire offers a 5GB data package for travelling the world.


  • Economy: 5GB of internet throughout the world at an unbeatable price!
  • Controlled budget: no risk of overage charges beyond the fixed price, the speed is throttled and reduced to 2G.
  • Secure login with a password - you get your own secure personal network.
  • Phone using VOIP applications (eg: WhatsApp): 1 hour call consumes only 20 MB of data!
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