Mobile Connectivity for NGOs

Mobile Connectivity for NGOs

Often working in remote areas all around the globe, front line staff of NGOs need to ensure they have fast and reliable means of communication. This is heightened in high risk areas as guaranteeing staff safety is critical in locations that may have limited or non-existent telecommunication services and internet. Required in these settings are portable mobile satellite communication solutions; able to connect globally with a fast and clear signal in any location.

Mobile connectivity can also aid and empower field workers; connect to your organisation’s network whilst in the field and receive real time responses with good, reliable and secure internet.

Why choose Cellhire?

Cellhire offers secure and portable mobile solutions for the NGO sector, anytime, anywhere, all over the globe for increased safety and aid in service delivery.

  • Satellite Handsets
  • Short & Long Term Rental Options
  • Tracking Solutions Available
  • Affordable Airtime
  • Shared Internet Connectivity
  • Latest Smartphones
  • Large Secure Data Bundles
  • Big Data Allowances
  • Flexible Voice Packages
  • Multi-network Solutions

With dedicated Account Managers specialising in the NGO sector, communication is constantly open for bespoke solutions created to meet individual requirements. These high performance, reliable and safe solutions, and work effectively in global locations.

Dedicated Account Managers

Individual Bespoke Solutions

Instant Connectivity

Super-fast 4G LTE Speeds

Device Management for Added Security

Secure Global Network

Global Coverage

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