Short Term Rental

Short-term worldwide mobile solutions

Cellhire is the world leader in short-term rental mobile solutions!


  • Rent for the duration of your trip.
  • Arrives tested and ready to go.
  • Budget control: Receive an invoice dedicated to the rental.
  • Benefit from attractive pricing for all your internet, calls and connections.

Cellhire has a fleet of 100,000+ SIM cards and devices (phones, smartphones, WiFi routers ...) spread over 3 logistics platforms including UK, France, USA.

Short term devices


  • Each device is prepared and tested in order to be ready for use from the day of delivery.
  • If you rent a sim card / phone / smartphone, then you will receive your number reserved automatically by email. The number is also labeled on each phone.

Additional services:

  • Phone book programming
  • Labelling with the names of your collaborators
  • Downloading applications on smartphones and tablets
  • Custom password for the router


Delivery is possible in Switzerland and Europe within 24 hours. USA / Canada within 48 hours.


Technical assistance is available 24 hours a day (in French, German and English via a non-surcharged number)


Simply return your rental using the prepaid return packaging. The return of the equipment will automatically terminate the rentals and you will receive a confirmation email. An invoice will be sent to you as soon as possible, including details of use.

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